Pu'er Tea Cosmetics Made in France




When nature gives you something,
you should give it something in return.
Josef Margraf


The tea plant forest in this kingdom of plants ‘on the very edge of the very edge’, is in fact the birthplace of the world’s teas.

- Extremely fertile, lush land.
- The only land of its kind in the world, worthy of its reputation as the heritage of humanity.
- A land of beauty and peace, far from megacities where the air is unbreathable and life is all too often unbearable.

But it is a land in danger, threatened by denaturation and demise.


"The path of the renaissance of Pu’er tea lies through restoring biological diversity in tea plantations, from the smallest to the largest living organisms. It also lies through telling future generations about the authentic art of tea, the main pillar of Chinese cultural heritage. Just one ecological act like this could resolve ethical problems linked to our soil all over the world. This is the only way that Pu’er tea can be recognised around the world as an organic health product. The green energy of their large leaves will soon be recognised. It is only a matter of time. "
Minguo-Li Margraf (Pu’Er et son terroir)



At the heart of CHA LING, sustainable development is not a concept, but the constant theme, which connects our customers with the Pu’er forest tea plants that are thousands of years old. 

Imagine a company born of an ecological dream: the protection of the oldest tea, genuine Pu’Er
Imagine its birthplace, in the heart of the ancient forests of Yunnan, preserved generation after generation.


Supporting and promoting biodiversity : 
With the Tea Garden project, CHA LING is replanting 20 hectares of tea trees, based on a virtuous social and ecological model beneficial to us all. 

Our supplies come from farmers selected for the quality of their Pu’Er tea and with a proven commitment to preserving nature. 
We are going one step further by assisting our partners with Organic Certification.


Reducing our ecological footprint :
CHA LING is continually improving its products and manufacturing processes along with transportation and distribution, with a view to becoming carbon neutral. 

Our packaging is functional and never wasteful, created using minimal materials and rechargeable whenever possible. 
We create concise formulas with effective, traceable ingredients that are rigorously selected in line with our formulation charter which is respectful of beauty and environmentally-friendly.


Sharing the same vision of solidarity and ecology :
CHA LING is building a long-term relationship with its partners and prioritising suppliers invested in the same social and environmental philosophy. 

We are delighted to be able to team up with partners chosen for their convictions and passionate commitment. 
We are proud to share these ecological and human values with our clients.

Share our commitments by recharging and returning our bottles, supporting our Tea garden project and suggesting your own ideas to contribute to tomorrow’s world together.