Pu'er Tea Cosmetics Made in France



For you, for others, for the world.


An invitation to reflect and adopt a new way of taking care of yourself by taking care of your beauty.


At the centre of the world of CHA LING, this skincare line is the first to contain the powerful anti-aging and antioxidant agents of the Pu’er tea leaf grown in the forests of Yunnan province. And while the active ingredients of the tea plant from the ancient Yunnan forests are at the heart of the formula behind CHA LING products, it is the art of attention and wisdom that inspired them that it is important to convey.

More than tea…

CHA LING combines the best elements of two worlds:
- The wisdom of the great Chinese culture. Right from the start, Cha Ling has enhanced 5,000 years of history and culture
-The top-level expertise gained from the latest scientific discoveries made by LVMH Recherche.



CHA LING offers a line of products designed to look after your skin as often as possible without disrupting time, respecting its own laws to give it everything it needs and only what it needs, at any time of day:

A daily beauty appointment wherever you are and as often as possible:

Purification to cleanse and eliminate surface pollutants
Detoxification to release toxins and allow skin to regenerate
Nourishment to protect and strengthen the skin’s barrier against free radicals


Refined textures and unique formulations, which gently infuse and diffuse, designed with the utmost respect for both your skin and the environment.
A skincare line which cares for your skin, your body and your soul as one.



Expert beauty based on a massage technique inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine, which aims to rebalance your energy flows and vital functions according to your circadian rhythms and the meridians throughout the body.

Meaningful, spiritual beauty, which invites you to explore a meditation technique called mindfulness through the Enjoy Mindful Beauty programme offered by Cha Ling.

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