Pu'er Tea Cosmetics Made in France



A skincare line combining the wisdom of the great Chinese culture, and the top level expertise gained from the latest scientific discoveries made by LVMH Recherche


A skincare line made in France

Skin is moisturised and protected against different kinds of stress due to the extraordinary antioxidant properties of the dried leaves used to make authentic Pu’er forest teas. The anti-aging properties of fermented rounds of authentic Pu’er forest tea enable you to turn back the hands of time.

- A unique tea from the authentic Yunnan forests, far from intensive, largescale cultivation
- A quality commitment and traditional harvesting and processing methods
- Plus de 2 années de criblage sur 35 thés et terroirs, pour déterminer les paramètres qui influent sur l’activité cosmétique & la qualité des authentiques thés Pu’er de forêt
- A quality commitment and traditional harvesting and processing methods
- Trees selected, listed and geotagged to ensure the constant quality of our leaves, harvest after harvest, year after year



- A selection of young shoots based on phytochemical analysis and research into molecular modelling, allowing us to link a specific molecular structure to the rapid capture of free radicals. The result? Selecting a unique composition of molecules able to move and act in a rapid time frame to capture free radicals and prevent damaging oxidation of the skin (lipids, proteins, DNA), which accelerates signs of ageing
- A selection of extracts from fermented tea rounds from Jingmai, whose analysis confirmed high levels of specific complex natural molecules caused by the natural fermentation process
- A global benchmark test on antioxidant performance that enabled us to select extracts with results sometimes well in excess of some green teas
- In vitro tests that show a reduction in toxins and the two key enzymes that age and weaken skin: collagenase and elastase
- Comprehensive traceability of all ingredients used in our formulas



LVMH Recherche provided Cha Ling with the expertise to develop cosmetic solutions that are perfectly adapted to women, following the formulation charter of the brand new company.
The main challenge? Initiating creative tension, both for short formulas with exceptional sensory qualities and the correct concentrations of effective and rigorously traced active ingredients. Formulas focus on natural raw ingredients to respect the environment and the beauty of all.