Pu'er Tea Cosmetics Made in France



Ever since the Tang dynasty (618-907), connoisseurs have admired the amber colour of Pu’er, its tobacco notes and the fruity flavours that develop and sharpen infusion after infusion.



Tea strengthens the spirit, combats passiveness, energises the body and makes eyes shine.



For the Bulang, just as for true tea lovers, Pu’er is a treasure. It is one of the only tea varieties in the world to benefit from the riches of ancestral human culture and the wonders of nature.
Pu’er tea takes its name from the town of Pu’er on the Silk Road, where forest teas were pressed for transportation and preservation. Thanks to a slow, cold fermentation process, authentic Pu’er teas improve with age and only achieve excellence after tens of years.


Tasting this exceptional tea requires a similar initiation to that of fine wines. Collectors think nothing of spending a fortune on pressed Pu’er for its aromas, but also for its extraordinary regenerative properties. While authentic Pu’er forest teas delight the palate, they also do wonders for preserving the most precious resource we humans have: our health.


"Since the dawn of time, the leaves of the ancient Pu’er plant have been boiled to treat illnesses,  prolong life, boost energy and provide great benefit to all. " 
(in Thé et Tao, John Blosfeld)