Pu'er Tea Cosmetics Made in France



The protection of the oldest tea, genuine Pu’Er. 
Imagine its birthplace, in the heart of the ancient forests of Yunnan,
preserved generation after generation.


Imagine an unknown land, on the very edge of the very edge of Yunnan province, the green lung of China and one of the world’s largest sources of tea.
Imagine a forest thousands of years old, a perfect ecosystem housing the original, treasured Pu’er tea.
Imagine the dream of a German biologist, supported by his Chinese wife, to protect this unique ecological heritage.
Now, imagine that this momentum was broken by the sudden death of the biologist in question.
Imagine that an entrepreneur, a friend of these Green Heroes, decided to bring this dream to life by creating a beauty brand that combines luxury and sustainable development and draws on the exceptional properties of Pu’er tea.
Imagine that around him, a team is working to make this dream a common ideal, a perfect project, with "sustainable beauty in a sustainable world" becoming the motto that guides them.



Sustainable supply contracts ensure a regular income for families, strict specifications to guarantee the origin and traceability of ingredients, crops without pesticides or fertilisers, a commitment to organic certification for raw materials, the preservation of over 500-year-old tea plants and the creation of a tea garden following the reforestation model developed by the German biologist.
Imagine that out of this, a unique approach to beauty emerges: a meaningful beauty for you, for others and for the world.
Attention and expertise to take care of your beauty and its rhythms at any time. It is an approach that combines caring for both the body and soul and adds the power of time to our smiles and our wellbeing throughout our lives.
Imagine that you are stepping into a place where true beauty is recognised and everyone knows how to convey and share it...

You have arrived.

CHA LING, L'Esprit du Thé