Pu'er Tea Cosmetics Made in France



« The old tea forests of the tropical mountains of Xishuangbanna are one of the most highly diverse ecosystems of our planet. »

Minguo-Li was already an accomplished journalist when she married Josef Margraf in 2000. But at his side, she embarked on a second career, excelling just as she had before. Becoming a pioneer alongside her husband by introducing a new method of protecting the last of our forests, she developed and marketed natural products and remedies made from local plants to recipes in Traditional Chinese Medicine. This extraordinary pharmacopoeia rightfully recognises authentic Pu’er forest tea, which Minguo-Li sees as today’s most beneficial ‘slow drink’ for the increasing
population, whose immune systems need to be supported.
Minguo-Li Margraf quickly began to play a key consulting role to government authorities, and successfully brought the local and international media’s attention to the tragic plight of the rainforest and the communities living there. Committed to preserving life, culture and beauty, Minguo-Li nurtured a sense of design, becoming an ambassador for the stunning craftsmanship of the Yunnan.

Her contribution and efforts have been rewarded with several titles: Green Hero in 2007 (alongside her husband Josef), the Charming China Award in 2010 and Forest China - Chinese Ecological Hero in 2014. Minguo-Li is the only woman to have received these distinctions, making her extremely well known in China.