Pu'er Tea Cosmetics Made in France



« It took the magic of meetings, established relationships, a magnificent location, shared values and a lot of synchronicity to light the spark. »

Passionate about Chinese culture, an aesthetic soul and a nature lover, CEO of Guerlain (LVMH Group) and founder of CHA LING Laurent Boillot first met Josef and Minguo-Li on a trip to China. Like them, he was astounded by the extraordinary beauty of the rainforest, “where the unexpected grows constantly”, the simplicity of local objects and the purity of the ceramics. He shared their desire to preserve this unparalleled landscape and the three of them formed a friendship, which was strengthened over time by shared values and ideals.
A man of intelligence, heart and action, he also wanted to continue Josef’s dream, so he got involved. Why could the hidden treasures of this region not become part of preserving and publicising it? Having obtained scientific validation and confirmation of the extraordinary properties of Pu’er forest tea leaves, he imagined a new skincare brand, where the active ingredients of authentic Pu’er forest teas become beauty resources.

Beyond this line of exceptional skincare, he designed a world inspired by an authentic way of life, restoring the sovereignty to beauty. It is a brand identity which for the first time combines ethics and aesthetics, commerce and equity, luxury and sustainable development.
"Sustainable beauty in a sustainable world" is the motto that guides him. He surrounded himself with all of the required expertise and created an independent structure to bring the project to life. For the first time, rare and precious skincare products are rooted in a region in the process of being awarded organic certification. After evaluating several locations in
the Yunnan, two forest tea leaf harvesting sites used to make the products were selected to fulfil the strict specification criteria: Ganggang, whose name means ‘overhanging the rice field’, and Jingmai: ‘the village of clouds’. They are two unique locations in terms of altitude (more than 1,200m), exposure to the sun (a quarter of the surface area is always in the shade), soil quality, richness of biodiversity (five different species of tree surround the tea plants) and low density of tea plants (spaced at least three or four metres apart). They are two locations where the tea plants are maintained with the upmost care and which ensure the traceability of all criteria, right up to the plant itself.
Thanks to the determination of everyone around Laurent Boillot, both in France and in China, the project began to take shape. He remains loyal to his vision of driving forward the world of beauty, introducing new uses for skincare, unique rituals and applications tailored to the lifestyles of 21st century women. The products have a rare tactile quality and a unique effectiveness, combined with spirited gestures and attitudes.
Right from the start, Laurent Boillot and his team have been developing a new kind of beauty, inviting people to reflect as much as enjoy themselves, to respect themselves as much as respecting others and the world.