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Circulating energies, reviving complexion, plumping facial muscles and
rejuvenating skin.



A massage programme inspired by traditional Chinese medecine 


CHA LING has developed techniques and a regimen, combining:
- Knowledge from Traditional Chinese Medicine to rebalance vital functions
- French expertise in cosmetic massage to plump and tone skin.


The skin is vitally important in Chinese medicine: treatments are carried out through the skin, which is our protective casing (the link between the interior and exterior of the body) and reflects our health.
This is why taking care of your skin also means taking care of your health and vice versa.

The face contains start and end points for 8 meridians or energy (qi) flows, which are right on the surface and therefore sensitive to acupressure. The body can only maintain normal physiology if its qi is abundant and working correctly. An excess of energy must be dispersed, and a lack of it must be corrected. Any dysfunction or imbalance can affect skin health. A high-quality qi ensures a radiant face and good health. A lack of qi results in a jaded complexion and a negative spirit.



By using the fingertips and applying pressure, combining pinching, kneading and scraping – tui na and gua sha – on the points and meridians of the face, this approach creates additional stimulation alongside the effects of the
Adapted to the circadian rhythm of the skin and vital organs (the heart, lungs, liver, spleen, and kidneys), the Cha Ling regimen consists of four different techniques for different times of day to restore the balance of the body’s functions, which govern our health and beauty.
In China, beauty is seen in the face and complexion: it is linked to the concepts of shen (the initial vibration that gives life to each cell) and ming (light), a radiant heart, a slight smile; something that shows in the face and complexion, something non-physical that shows.



- In the morning, we focus on the digestive system, which is closely linked to spleen function. The spleen absorbs the energy from our food and redistributes it to other organs.
- During the day, we prioritise lymphatic drainage in terms of managing food intake for better absorption of  nutrients and elimination of waste.
- The evening regimen is dedicated to strengthening tissue, with each touch focused on the head and the nape of the neck to promote better regeneration and allow the morning’s technique to take effect on collagen production.
- At the weekend, we join all of these points, making sure to follow the ascending order of points along each meridian.

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