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A contemporary fresco painted for Cha Ling by artist Li Zhixin, born in 1988 and
educated at the Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts.




A fresco that comes to life, celebrating the concept of beauty as an emergence. An invitation to reflect on the sublime landscape that shelters the forest tea plants that sparked the creation of CHA LING.




When painting the fresco, Li Zhixin wanted to capture the fading and reappearing beauty at the summit of the Yunnan mountains ‘on the very edge of the very edge’, while populating it time after time with memories linked to his own experience.

Cultured, like all of the great Chinese painters before him, Li Zhixin added a poem about his composition in the heart of the landscape :

When I was younger, I first tasted Pu’er tea,
I experienced its benefits for the body,
I welcomed its benefits for my mind,
When I was older, I visited the highest forest in the Yunnan,
I saw the ancient tea plants,
I picked their wild leaves,
I savoured their woodland scents.
So much so that I forgot my own existence
So much so that when I returned home, I missed these essential fragrances.