Pu'er Tea Cosmetics Made in France



At the crossroads of East and West, the beauty approach according to CHA LING Combines Chinese philosophy with the principles of Traditional Medicine to a French sensoriality developed by the LVMH Research. According to CHA LING, true beauty is not just a story of aesthetics, of smooth and youthful skin, it emanates from an internal harmony. To reveal this radiance, CHA LING reinvents the TIME OF BEAUTY.


Based on the vital energy circulation philosophy, between both complementary principles that are the yin and the yang, the Chinese Traditional Medicine approaches the body in its entirety. It aims to foster the "energy-breathing" that brings life to it.

All organs, including skin, operate at a well defined circadian rhythm. Respecting this natural cycle helps the body to find its balance. At the skin level, MTC considers pores as openings and closures whose rhythm varies according to the day time or climate.
To achieves this, CHA LING proposes formulas and gestures adapted to the time of day (Morning, mid-day, evening), at the time of the week (with a specific weekend program) but also during the seasons to give to the skin what is needed at every moment. Care with immediate results and long-term profits.



To accompany the care benefits and stimulate the vital energy flows of the body depending on the time of day, CHA LING has created acupressure gestures. By stimulating key touch points at the level of the meridians, energy circuits that cross the body in a 24-hour cycle, TCM acts on the flow of energy and rebalances the organs. Indeed the organs of our body function at the rhythm of well defined biological cycles, which follow one another throughout the day. Each organ possesses a 2-hour cycle during which it recharges itself with vital energy. The CHA LING acupressure ritual  is declined according to these biological cycles in 3 gestures, adapted to the different moments of the day: the morning, the middle of the day and the evening to harmonize the energies, re-balance the vital functions of our body, and participate in the health and beauty of the skin.
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By listening to women, CHA LING developed a daily ritual consisting of 3 gestures in 3 minutesto make time a woman's best friend ! 3 minutes daily to find and preserve skin with a healthy, youthful and radiant appearance. Quick and simple gestures for life at a face pace.
But on the weekend, it is also the moment to take time for more holistic rituals, delicious and slower around skin infusions and masks. CHA LING invites to take a break and to adopt a new way of caring for oneself and taking care of one's beauty.
In this direction, CHA LING invites to cultivate beauty with vigilance, attention, compassion. It is a matter of adopting the right gestures in order to multiply all the benefits of care, make them with attention, taking time and being conscious in order to combine the time of care and savor, sensible and visible benefits.

An attention, an expertise, to take care of beauty and its rhythms, at every moment.
An approach which reconnects care of the body and the soul.
Which puts the power of time in beauty and in all the moments of our lives.