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Ba Guan

  • Need : Detox
  • Moments : Weekend feast

Inspired by traditional Chinese cupping and reinterpreted in a beauty approach, the BA GUAN is a new body massage tool. True drainer, it allows to destock by aspirations and movements, the fat deposits of the rebellious zones: legs, glutes, hips and abdominal belt. It regales, smooths and firms the body.
To be used with CHA LING Massage Oil.

  • Benefits

    The benefits of Ba Guan:

    • 94%* of women say their skin is firmer and more toned
    • 78%* say their cellulite is reduced 
    • Reshaping effect: 88%*
    • Enhances the figure: 84%*
    • Slims the thighs: 84%*

    *Self-evaluation of 32 women aged between 33 and 54. Application to the buttocks, stomach, waist and thighs twice a week for 28 days.

  • Added Value


    • The rituals and gestures were developed by a specialist of traditional Chinese medicine and Chinese massage
    • The pear is made of silicone and the ceramic cup


    According to TCM, the Qi and the blood must circulate harmoniously around the body. Howewer, they can become blocked at certain meridians in the formof blood deposits and other organic liquids beneath the skin, causing subcutaneous fat to be stored.In order to dissolve these blockages, traditional Chinese doctors use suction cups.

  • How to Use

    Ba Guan rituals :

    7 minutes in total on the 4 zones, 2 times a week,for immediate results and long-term benefits.

    • Before using the Ba Guan,apply a generous amount of CHA LING Massage Oil over the entire area to be worked on, to make the tool move and slide more easily.
    • Position the ceramic part of the Ba Guan against the skin.To generate the suction effect, squeeze the bulb to one-third of its capacity. If you feel comfortable doing so, from the second session onward, you can squeeze the bulb to one-half of its capacity for greater efficacy.
    • To move the Ba Guan, grip the ceramic part firmly. Then, push or pull it to draw it over the skin