Pu'er Tea Cosmetics Made in France



CHA LING invents a new art of living, an awakening of all the senses, which draws its source in the art of the French beauty. Creating new sensations, allowing to open to new feelings, developing a new sensibility, CHA LING summons the five senses in each of its rituals. Take the time for each gesture of beauty to see, feel, breathe, listen, savor, has never had so much meaning. CHA LING celebrates this French sensoriality of every moment, source of joy, well-being, appeasement, and extends the experience beyond the care, up to perfume and tableware.


Open a CHA LING product, it's to be transported at the heart of a millennial tea-trees forest in flower. It's enough to take a deep breath to feel in weightlessness between heaven and earth, worn by the airy and delicate freshness of a tea flower, mixed with woods and white musks. 
Common to the whole range, the olfactive signature of CHA LING distils the harmony and the hypersensitive refinement. The start is crisp, bright, worn by the fresh green and delicately floral white tea, "wet" of freesia and dotted with the fruity of the pear.
Then, the white peony enters the scene, on a bed of petals of jasmine and wrapped with velvety vapors of osmanthus. The sensation is suave, feminine, delicate. The bottom is intensified by mate leaves echoing the strength of the tea.
An aromatic depth balanced by elegant cashmere wood and the white cottony musks, where we can savor the unctuosity.
True concentrate of this olfactory power, L’Eau de Toilette knew how to transport the customers of Paris and Hong-Kong. It is today the best-seller of the brand.



Our skin, this extraordinary "coat" which allow us to touch and to be touched on our entire body.
Putting the skin literally on appetite, upsetting what is known to create a new sensation in contact with the skin, here is the CHA LING art of touch. To create this delicious sensation on the skin, formulas contain lipids such as soya lecithin derivatives, which act as sensory enhancers. Extremely emollient, they inject roundness and fondant to formulas and target skin receptors to activate in the brain the recognition of a unique sensation, amazing, tasty, CHA LING true signature.
The application of the products has also been worked to surprise the epidermis, confusing the senses and re-enchanting the ritual beauty. The Cleansing Powder worked on the small kabuki brush, the Gua Sha marrying the features for a toning and smoothing massage or the seasonal masks deposited with a flat brush as a caress on the skin, each gesture is a vector of  sensuality, of  pleasure, of  joy of 
taking deeply care of oneself and of its beauty.